Helpful Hands for Heartfelt Hooves.

There are many ways to help. Here are a few ideas of how you can get involved!
1. Donations of blankets (69" of smaller), building materials, hay or fill such as gravel or drainage rock.
2. Monetary for payment of vet and farrier bills, feed costs, stall/bedding material etc 
3. Time! Cleaning stalls, brushing and loving our ponies. 
4. Bring your returnable bottles to the barn!
5. We now have a Pay Pal option on this site!
6. Also registered as a Canada Helps Chairity. Visit their site to donate to Tiny Tales.

Very happy ponies getting pampered!

Bev and christine volunteers

Thank you to Our Pony Pals!

We are very excited and honored to have already recieved some help from some very kind people!

Our ponies will be enjoying their meal from the luxury of slow feed hay nets donated by the lovely Purely Ponies!

Thank you to Lou Ford for the logo! We never imagained that someone could get our concept so perfectly! 

Thank you to for thier website and domain usage. 

Huge hugs and appreciation to our friends at Pipsqueak Paddocks Miniture Horse Haven. Without them we would have so many unanswered questions! Thank you for the support and kindness!

For our business cards, thank you to Jessie at Greatech Service.

Thank you to Dr. Kristin Poirier of Wise Equine Vererinary Services Ltd. for giving us piece of mind that every pony we encounter will have the best veterinary care.

Thank you to the South Delta Leader for making our ponies stars!

Thank you to Kelly A Lambert for donating her time and talent to our Garage Sale Fundrasier this year and photographing our beauties.

Thank you to Hay Girl for supplying our Ponies with low sugar hay!
Check them out on Facebook

To Kay Veinotte and Veinotte Horse Farm 
For her time and effort to train some of our Ponies to be cart friendly!

We look forward to working with many more amazing and talented
Pony Pals in the future.
Thank you to all of you for offering inspiration and support.
Lots of Love.