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Timmy 3.jpeg


Breed: Miniature Cross

Height: Approximately 40'

Age: Approximately 2 years old

Colouring: Chestnut with white stockings

Gender: Gelding

Tommy's Story

Tommy was apart of a 35 mini herd which came to us from Alberta and our friends at Bear Valley Rescue. He arrived very nervous and without any previous handling.

Tommy was recently gelded and is now up to date with his shots and worming. He has now been halter broke and is learning basic handling to prepare him for day to day life. Tommy will require a knowledgeable home. He is extremely smart and although he has had the halter on numerous times, he is quick to take it off and objective to having it put back on. He is clever but so excited to play and have a purpose. He loves to interact with you while at work and is quick to check in. His ears are a very sensitive spot for him which is part of the difficulty of haltering. Once in halter he comes off pressure very nicely, allows brushing and is improving on picking up his fronts. If you have the time, knowledge and purpose for Tommy he will be ALOT OF FUN! 

We would like to thank Liz for her hard work and hours spent giving Tommy a strong foundation. 

Please check back for Tommy's availability once he has healed from gelding!

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